Meet Our Talented Team of Stylists

Schae-Ann Smith

Nickname- Schae or “hey you”. I really respond to anything.
Down time enjoyed by- Hanging out with my animal farm, and of course my people family.
Guilty Pleasure- Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!
Favourite Trends- Anything soft, natural, sun kissed or bohemian.
Worst Trends- I like all trends, there are just good and bad versions of them. The key is to modernize and make it your own.
Trend you hope returns- Love the man perm, especially in Movember. Who wouldn’t love an 80’s porn star look?
Favourite hair service- Colouring, styling and cutting, in that order.
Hair tip- Use your dry shampoo on clean hair for added volume and texture, and you need to use some sort of treatment while in the shower.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- I couldn’t live without Evo Mane Attention, Evo Water Killer or Redken’s One United!
Hair idols on screen- Sarah Jessica Parker will always be a favorite of mine.
Hair Heroʼs- Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Dennis Gebhart and everyone who dared to create, discover and share!
Mission in this industry- To create, educate and inspire. I would like to make a difference in the way people see hair by helping them understand it in general and on themselves.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- Kickass to me should be what you get. The service you received and the way you feel when you leave! To me Kickass is just a phrase until made up of all the people including guests that make that phrase a reality!

Cheri Urlacher

Nickname- Cherbear or Cher
Down time enjoyed by- Being with my family, I love being an auntie and especially love being a mommy! I also enjoy Going camping, playing ball, surfing, hanging out with friends!
Guilty Pleasure- Chicken Nuggs!!! Anything jalapeno and cheese!! And popping pimples, there is just something so satisfying about that! Oh and also being funnier than Leigh which isn’t that hard. lol
Favourite Trends- I looove balayage!! And red, anyone that knows me knows I love red hair!! Everyone needs to be a red head once in their life.
Worst Trends- Perms!! Oh and bowl cuts! If they come back I’m hooped!
Trend you hope returns- I hope lady mullets come back one day, and I hope Leigh lets me practice on her.
Favourite hair service- Extensions are probably my fav service, nothing is more satisfying then a fresh new color and extensions for a really big fresh change.
Hair tip- If your a greasy bugger like me use your dry shampoo on clean hair to prolong that freshness.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Fav Redken Antisnap or One United! Every blonde needs Antisnap to keep those locks strong and healthy!! And One United, omg anyone with long hair needs this in their life!! Oh and one more I love the Quick Tease not only for it’s incredible back combing assistance but if you open your mouth and breath in once your spray it you get a nice sweet treat haha.
Hair idols on screen- Lucy Hale!! Every time she changes her hair i want that exact look on myself! Only downfall is she often has short hair and my head is way too massive for short hair!
Hair Heroʼs- In my 6 years in the industry I have seen many many incredibly talented educators, but my true hair hero is my boss and friend Schae! In all the classes we have taken no one has taught me more than she has! Not only when it comes to hair but everything! She’s pushed me to educate myself (especially when it came to taking my masters), she’s encouraged me to step out of my boundaries and try new things and most of all has been supportive in my life outside of my career and I can’t thank her enough for that!! Schae you rock!!!
Mission in this industry- My mission in this industry is to make everyone feel beautiful and happy!! Also if I can make you smile or laugh in my chair once during your visit my job is complete, along with a stylish hair do.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- KickAss to me means team work, friends but honestly family! I love and respect every single one of the girls I work along side!! Every single one of them is incredibly talented, friendly and funny! Except Leigh she’s just medium funny! The saying “if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life” really applies to our team!

Kerri Gudmundson

Nickname- Ker
Down time enjoyed by- Being outside and spending time with family.
Guilty Pleasure- Coffee
Favourite Trends- Balayage, baby lights, shadow roots, soft waves and the lob.
Worst Trends- The mushroom cut.
Trend you hope returns- Old hollywood waves.
Favourite hair service- Balayage, baby lights, lightening, shadow roots and glazing.
Hair tip- Leave in treatments and leave in conditioner are a must!
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Redken Color Extend, Blondage shampoo and conditioner, Pillow Proof Blow Dry 2 Day Extender and Control Addict 28. As for Evo, Mane Attention and Day of Grace Leave In.
Hair idols on screen- Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood.
Hair Heroʼs- Schae, Farhana and Sam Villa.
Mission in this industry- To create beautiful hair that reflects the inner beauty of each client.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- An atmosphere where clients feel welcome and relaxed and leave feeling elated about their beautiful hair!

Shelby Weighill

Nickname- Shelbs or Shelbaby
Down time enjoyed by- Binge watching Netflix.
Guilty Pleasure- Watching Tana Mongeau or reality T.V.
Favourite Trends- Shadow roots and balayage.
Worst Trends- Piano keys.
Trend you hope returns- Snooki puff/Duff puff
Favourite hair service- Color.
Hair tip- Always use a leave in. Put your dry shampoo in clean hair too. Also don’t cut your bangs if you cant commit.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Redken Pillow Proof or One United. Evo Great Hydrator or Love Touch.
Hair idols on screen- T. Swift and Khloe Kardashian.
Hair Heroʼs- Sam Villa, Cindy Duplantis and Schae obvs.
Mission in this industry- I want people to feel 110% leaving the salon, being the best version of themselves and enjoy their time with me as much as i enjoy them.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- Kickass to me is a second home. Somewhere I enjoy being around the best people, and also doing what i love and have a passion for.

Leigh Campbell

Nickname- Just Leigh!
Down time enjoyed by- Spending time with family and friends and being able to travel.
Guilty Pleasure- Milk duds!
Favourite Trends- Balayage! And braids.
Worst Trends- Mullet!
Trend you hope returns- Sleek ponytails!
Favourite hair service- Coloring and finishing.
Hair tip- Add powder grip to your bobby pins for a more controlled hold! Also using Evo Water Killer when hair is clean to absorb the oils before it gets dirty.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Redken Cat Treatment and Evo Water Killer.
Hair idols on screen- Larisa Love- Cosmoprof Ambassador.
Hair Heroʼs- Sam Villa- every chance i’ve got to be educated by him i am overcome with emotion.
Mission in this industry- To break down stigmas of being just a hairdresser. To show other women and men how amazing this career is.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- It means to be surrounded by people who thrive off positivity and passion in this industry. To constantly learn and listen.

Kim Oliver

Nickname- Kimmy or Kimmykins.
Down time enjoyed by- Reading, walking, bike riding, hanging out with my family and pets and traveling.
Guilty Pleasure- Anything sweet really. And Pizza… Oh and cookie dough ice cream!
Favourite Trends- Messy hair (braids, updo’s, etc), soft waves and naturally curly hair.
Worst Trends- Mullets, bowl cuts and chunky highlights.
Trend you hope returns- Naturally curly locks. There is a lot of women who are afraid to embrace them. I hope they make a BIG impact soon.
Favourite hair service- Balayage and working with naturally curly/wavy hair.
Hair tip- When working with curly hair, product is a must! I really like Redkens Curvaceous Spiral Lock gel when curls are wet, it creates a cast around the curls that when it is dry if you loosen them up they soften right out.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Redken One United, Curvaceous Wind Up and Spiral Lock. Evo Water Killer dry shampoo, Mane Attention treatment and Fabulouso conditioner.
Hair idols on screen- Blake Lively, her hair always looks flawless and Tyra Banks because she is always switching it up.
Hair Heroʼs- First and foremost my mentor and rock Schae-Ann Smith, she has inspired me and taught me so much. I wouldn’t be where i am right now without her. Sam Villa also because he is an amazing human being who just wants everyone to succeed!
Mission in this industry- My mission in this industry is to help everyone see this world as a fun and beautiful place. I love being able to educate myself and my clients and really show them how great they are. Also having fun while i’m doing it is definitely a perk!
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- Kickass to me means being able to be yourself and show the world how creative and awesome you are. It means to have the strength and courage to crush your goals and having an amazing team to support you and lift you up. Nothing more “Kickass” than having a smile everyday when you go home at the end of the day!

Kelsey Saulteaux

Nickname- Kels or Soto
Down time enjoyed by- Fishing and being outside.
Guilty Pleasure- Cake pops and cookies.
Favourite Trends- Balayage and shadow root.
Worst Trends- Chunky highlights.
Trend you hope returns- Fingerwaves.
Favourite hair service- Mens cuts and foils.
Hair tip- Product is your best friend!
Favourite Redken and Evo products- One United, Water Killer and Mane Attention.
Hair idols on screen- Pink and Blake Lively.
Hair Heroʼs- Sam Villa and Phillip Wolff.
Mission in this industry- To make everyone feel beautiful and confident. To bring out everyones inner rockstar.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- Strong people working together as a team to tackle the beauty industry/world!

Savannah Spurrell

Nickname- Sav and Savatron
Down time enjoyed by- Watching TV, riding my bicycle, yoga, spending time with friends and traveling/exploring new places.
Guilty Pleasure- Cheese and french fries.
Favourite Trends- The lob, butterfly clips and space buns!
Worst Trends- The skunk streak and frosted tips.
Trend you hope returns- Cindy Crawford hair from the 90’s.
Favourite hair service- Anything with color!
Hair tip- One United in your hair when its dry.
Favourite Redken and Evo products- The Great Hydrator by Evo for dry hair and Guts by Redken for kickass volume at the roots.
Hair idols on screen- Julianne Hough and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Hair Heroʼs- Guy Tang and Liz Haven 0‘Neill.
Mission in this industry- To help people feel beautiful and confident and to stay on top of current trends and styles for my clients.
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- A friendly welcoming environment filled with passion, talent, education and fun!

Taylor Deptuck

Nickname- Tay or “the girl with long hair”
Down time enjoyed by- Spending time with friends and family and binge watching a good T.V. series.
Guilty Pleasure- Any Starbucks drink, over ice of course.
Favourite Trends- Balyage, babylights and beach waves.
Worst Trends- Chunky highlights and lowlights.
Trend you hope returns- Old hollywood waves.
Favourite hair service- Free hand balayage, hand tied extensions and a good old full head of foils!
Hair tip- Put dry shampoo in clean dry hair before it gets oily. Major game changer for my own hair!
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Favourite Redken products are One United leave in and Blondage purple shampoo! Favourite Evo products are The Great Hydrator and Mane Tamer shampoo and conditioner. your hair will never be smoother!
Hair idols on screen- Blake Lively, Carrie Underwood and Lucy Hale.
Hair Heroʼs- My instructors from hair school and every single KickAss teammate i have gotten to work with! Everything I know I owe to them!
Mission in this industry- I want everyone to feel so beautiful and confident, and have that on top of the world feeling new hair gives you!
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- Working as a team, educating people and providing our very best to make everyone who visits feel just as KickAss as they are.

Morghan Gottinger

Nickname- Morgs
Down time enjoyed by- Hanging out with my friends and family, being outside with my dog and travelling.
Guilty Pleasure- Chocolate!
Favourite Trends- The money piece, babylights and beachy waves.
Worst Trends- The rat tail and over tweezed eyebrows.
Trend you hope returns- Fingerwaves
Favourite hair service- Mens cuts and color.
Hair tip- To keep your hair looking voluminous use dry shampoo!
Favourite Redken and Evo products- Evo Water Killer and Redken One United!
Hair idols on screen- Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston.
Hair Heroʼs- Jessi Gish and everyone who has helped me along my hair journey.
Mission in this industry- My mission in this industry is to use my talent, education and skills to the best of my ability to make everyone feel beautiful and confident!
What does “Kickass” mean to me?- To me KickAss means to be supportive of one another, to feed off of one another’s positivity, working as a team while making sure everyone walks out of the salon feeling KickAss!

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Photo’s courtesy of Kura Photography